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StarterStopper Alarm

StarterStopper Alarm

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- Queensland Government approved product (*)

- In stock 12-14 days delivery worldwide**

Please read before adding to cart

Cuts out Startermotor and/or fuel pump - thief unable to start car

Unauthorized start attempt triggers silent alarm countdown, then Alarm

 Works with Petrol, Diesel cars

✓ Works with key start or button start

✓ Compatible with Stop/Start (engine switches off at traffic lights)

✓ Car cannot be push started

 Not compatible with Hybrid / Electric cars (Pro required)

 Not compatible with Remote Start (Pro required)

⚠︎ Please check prior to purchase that your car DOES NOT log a fault code when breaking Starter/fuel supply, see installation manual for detailed instructions

We ship worldwide!

Buy more than ONE StarterStopper and save on shipping costs. 

Buy FIVE or more StarterStopper for FREE worldwide shipping and reduce unit cost up to 20% compared to a single unit. Get friends/family together for a bulk order and save!

(more effective shipping for bulk Qty allows us to pass savings on to you)


Why alarm delay? To give you time to enter your sequence if you 'forgot' so you won't wake the neighborhood.

Use existing Horns, or, anything else that makes a lot of noise (Horns not provided)

(*) StarterStopper Alarm is an approved product in the Queensland Government "Vehicle immobiliser subsidy trial", for more information, visit:

Vehicle immobiliser subsidy trial | QPS ( 

(**) Please note that tax is only charged for Australian orders. When your order enters your country you may get charged import taxes.

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