FREE worldwide shipping for 5+ units (reduce unit cost by up to 20%)

FREE worldwide shipping for 5+ units (reduce unit cost by up to 20%)



In Australia a car is stolen every 12 minutes, in England every 7 minutes, and in the United States every 40 seconds!
Most cars are STOLEN WITH OWNERS KEY! Home break in - keys taken - all car defences are down!

RELAY ATTACKS are also common where the car is tricked to believe the owner (and key) is next to it whilst the key is still locked in your house!

Watch a relay attack in the Demo section!

CAN BUS INVASION is another method where the car believes the legal owner wants to drive the car by sending fake messages into the CAN bus data system!

Watch a CAN bus invasion in the Demo section!

With a StarterStopper installed your car is protected against key theft, relay attacks and CAN bus invasion! StarterStopper Classic will prevent unauthorised starting whilst StarterStopper Alarm and StarterStopper Pro also feature an Alarm that will alert you and scare the thief’s away!

In Australia, the Queensland Government has launched a trial to stop car theft by paying for the install of 20,000 ‘secondary engine immobiliser’ and StarterStopper is an approved product in the scheme.



Demonstration videos of StarterStopper Classic, Alarm and Pro can be watched in the ‘Buy’ section.

The relay attack, CAN Bus invasion and TikTok theft would no longer work. When the thief is trying to start the car, it won't start and the silent countdown for the alarm starts immediately. The thief has no time to respond.

Relay attack

CAN Bus invasion

TikTok challenge

Scotty Kilmer Testing StarterStopper Classic

Government announces to pay for 20,000 secondary engine immobiliser installs – including StarterStopper Classic

Install options (Classic & Alarm)



Our Story

We can all relate to it. We all know people affected by it! Car theft! One day it was our turn. Thieves stole our friend’s car! How? In the most common way! Steal the keys to steal the car! 80% of all cars are stolen with the owner’s key!
We realised that all the car protection installed in any vehicle is useless when the thief has your key!
But what can you do to stop car theft with your own key?
Wheelclamps? Steering wheel lock? A kill switch?
Yes, ok they do assist but let’s be real! Who can be bothered to install a wheel-clamp after every drive?
Who remembers to activate a Killswitch after every drive? And what is the point installing an immobiliser if the tag (to switch the immobiliser off) is on the car keyring? Then the thief can override the immobiliser after stealing the key!

Our criteria's to solve the issue were:
Must create an additional layer of security ABOVE all other safety systems!
Must make it literally impossible to steal your car - even with key in hand!
Must work in EVERY car!
Must self-activate after every drive!
Must be user friendly and create NO additional work for the driver - e.g., open the bonnet to turn killswitch!
Must be completely invisible - no attachment to the car key!
Must be unique in every car!
Must not intervene in existing car electronics!
Must be installable without car diagnostic system!
Must never require software updates!
Must be possible to be installed by car owner!
Must be affordable!

Will StarterStopper work in my vehicle?

Classic and Alarm work in pretty much all petrol and diesel vehicles, unless the car electronics create a fault code by breaking signals (then Pro required).

Pro is so advanced that no car can even detect its operation in the car. Pro can be fitted in ALL vehicles including Hybrids and Full Electrics.

Will starterstopper cause issues with the car electronics?

No, StarterStopper is not connected to any car electronic systems, it is a standalone system.

Will StarterStopper use a lot of electricity or drain my battery?

No, StarterStopper does not use any electricity when your car is parked!

Can StarterStopper be removed from the car again?

Yes, all StarterStopper wiring can easily be removed from your car again.

Can I use different buttons than the provided in the kit (Classic & Alarm)?

Yes, any momentary button that can handle more than 200mA can be used. Ebay has endless listings of momentary buttons. You can use the momentary button provided in the StarterStopper kit. You can also use any momentary button of your choice and install wherever you think is the best location.

Will the installation of StarterStopper void new car warranty?

Most people are of the view that any change to their car voids the entire warranty. That is never the case. In the United States for example the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has addressed this issue:

“If it turns out that the aftermarket part was itself defective or wasn't installed correctly, and it causes damage to another part that is covered under the warranty, the manufacturer or dealer has the right to deny coverage for that part and charge you for the repair. The manufacturer or dealer must show that the aftermarket part caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage.”

Example: If you install an aftermarket turbocharger and destroy the engine as a result, the manufacturer has the right to deny engine warranty. However, the radio system (not affected by the turbo modification) is still covered under warranty.

The only part affected by StarterStopper is the starter motor, and the starter is not modified in its intended operation (e.g., StarterStopper does not send more electricity into the starter). The ‘modification’ is that the Starter may not receiving a “start” signal, which is not a modification as such, it is a “signal cancellation”.

As every circumstance may be different, we recommend that if you have any warranty doubts, please discuss this with your car manufacturer or dealer before purchasing a StarterStopper

Could a thief bypass StarterStopper?

To bypass StarterStopper, the thief would have to:

Understand that a StarterStopper is fitted Find the hidden StarterStopper wiring loom Understand which cable does what Cut an electrical bypass into the wiring Not activate the Alarm (Alarm & Pro) Start the Car and Drive away We believe it is literally impossible that the above can be done in the short time period a thief has to steal a car.

If you are a thief and can do the above– please call us and we will employ you to build us a better StarterStopper!!!

Why don’t car manufacturer fit security like a StarterStopper?

Cars are manufactured on a production line. A production line could not fit a hidden button in a different location for every vehicle. A production plant could only fit the hidden button in the same spot for every vehicle that leaves the plant. Then the ‘hidden’ button would not be hidden at all. A thief could look it up where the button is located for model ‘ABC’ and the security is non-existent. Only you as the car owner who individualises the vehicle can install this level of safety.

Does StarterStopper come with warranty?

StarterStopper comes with a 2 Year Limited product warranty.